Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teacher gifts

When I finished with my student teaching, I wanted to show my mentoring teachers my thanks with a token of appreciation. For my elementary placement, I didn't have much trouble coming up with an idea for a gift to make. I saw quite a few framed crayon monograms on pinterest and thought that would be a great gift for an elementary teacher. I printed out a big letter "C" in my favorite font, Garamond, on a pale, dusty green cardstock, spent a good hour cutting pieces of crayon in a rainbow order and glued them onto the "C." I used some Making Memories rubon letters for the name underneath.

I had a little more trouble coming up with a good idea for my secondary placement. I didn't think a crayon monogram was appropriate for a high school teacher and couldn't find much in the way of idea on the internet. I eventually decided to make a sketchbook using my Zutter binder. I purchased a drawing pad at Michaels and cut the pages to a smaller size. After decorating the chipboard covers with mostly Basic Grey Mellow, I punched and binded the covers along with the sketch paper with the Zutter binder.

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