Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School

It's that time of the year again - the beginning of the school year. I go back on Tuesday, my last semester before student teaching, and my kids go back on Wednesday. The past week - and the next couple of days - are about getting last minute things ready. I took the kids back to school shopping and I have a few things to get before I start, namely a parking pass and one last book.

But beyond the necessary school stuff, my mind is still on creative things... I had so much fun at the crop I went to a couple weeks ago. Of course, I didn't get a whole lot done as I figured - way too much fun socializing to get a whole lot of scrapping done, but that's sorta the idea. Fun giveaways, new techniques, delicious lunch from Panera's, and so many sales that I just had to take advantage of... but I did at least get a start on the paper bag albums that I had wanted to make. I have one more thing to add to the covers before I can post a picture.

Also, Michael's had a sale last week on Fimo polymer clay so I picked up several colors to play with. Right now, I'm experimenting with mixing colors, Skinner blends, and making rose buds. I had so much fun in my Ceramics class last semester and this seems like a natural segue. It's not exactly the same type of clay, but many of the same techniques I learned easily transfer over to this kind of clay - plus I can bake it in the oven instead of having to wait for a kiln. I have a little free time today so I'm going to play a little more with it - maybe with textures . Pictures to follow...

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