Saturday, February 23, 2008


J turned 9 a couple weeks ago. So hard to believe! And he'll be an entire decade next year - wow. He's becoming so grown up. We were pretty busy with school and a cub scout meeting on the actual day of his birthday. We had just one present to give him - a very small, very light box. He opened it and it was a cut out picture of a bike. He tried so hard to be polite, thinking of all the things he could do with his picture, hang it on his bulliten board maybe. We soon broke it to him that we were going to take him out to get a new bike. We had to wrap it up like that because we couldn't take him out till the next day. He found one that he really liked at Walmart. Now just to wait till the snow's all gone to ride it.

J had a slumber party to celebrate his birthday with 5 of his closest friends last weekend. It went rather well - the boys are all good kids and they had lots of fun playing games, eating pizza, and watching a movie. The power went out here about an hour before the party. I had planned on making frozen pizzas, but ran out to Little Caesars for their Hot and Ready pizzas since I had no way of cooking them. Wouldn't you know the power came back on just before I pulled into my driveway on my way home from getting the pizzas. Oh well, at least it was back on. I sent all the boys to bed in J's room in their sleeping bags about 10:30. I think they all finally got to sleep about 1:30 am. I didn't want to go to bed until they were all asleep so that was about 2, and can you believe those kids were up at 7 am?! I was so tired the next morning. It was worth it though - J had a great birthday party and I heard talks of it being the best party ever. :)

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Kirstie said...

Oh wow! I can't believe that J is nine! It sounds like he had an awesome birthday party. It is Murphy's law that the power would come on as you are driving up the drive way. LOL!

Your drawings are AMAZING! You are truly an artist. Puts my scrapbooking stuff to are sooo talented.