Saturday, June 2, 2007

Frances Meyer finalist!!!

Recently I applied to be part of the Frances Meyer Design Team. Well, I got an email this week letting me know that I am one of 20 finalists!! I am so excited! They are sending me and the other finalists a package of Frances Meyer products and we are required to make 2 projects. They will then pick 10 of the 20 finalists to be the new Frances Meyer DT! I'm a little nervous because I don't know what they'll be sending me, but I'm just so excited at the same time! What's even better is that someone I know from CSS was also selected as a finalist! That would be so awesome if we both made the team! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for me and for Terrie!


Melanie said...

Thats fantastic news, Congratulations.

SnwAngl71 said...

WOOO HOOO YAY MARYJANE!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!